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Curriculum Vitae

Publications (Print)
"A Night at the Empire." Short story. 2009. Descended from Darkness
"Black Annis." Short story. 2008. Unspeakable Horror
"The Shape of Her Sorrow." Short story. 2008. Shimmer.
"A Secret Life of Gluttony." Short story. 2008. Talebones.
"Holding Pattern." Short story. 2008. Interzone.
"Clementine." Short story. 2008. Apex SF & Horror Digest.
"Communion." Poem. 2007. Bare Bone #10.
"Pallas at Noon." Short story. 2007. Interfictions.
"Blood Memory." Poem. 2006. Bare Bone #9.
"Glass: A Pep Talk at Atmosphere." Poem. 2006. Poetry from the Trenches.
"The Apprentice." Short story. 2006. Modern Magic.
"Femina Obscura." Short story. 2005. Polyphony 5.
"The Sympathy of Five." Short story. 2005. The Elastic Book of Numbers.
"Over the River." Novelette. 2005. Time for Bedlam.
"Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter." Short story as Joy Remy. 2004. Writers of the Future, XX.
Publications (Web)
"A Night at the Empire." Short story. 2008. (No longer available online.)
"The Midwife's Progress." Poem. 2008. Goblin Fruit Summer 2008.
"Dinner with Charlotte." Flash. 2006. Between Kisses. (No longer available online.)
"Requiem for Sasha." Short story. 2005. Nocturnal Ooze. (No longer available online.)
Publications (Editorial)
Shimmer, Volume 1, Issue 3. Spring, 2006.
Shimmer, Volume 1, Issue 4. Summer, 2006.
WorldCon (Chicon 7) 2012. Chicago, IL.
Arisia 2012. Boston, MA.
Readercon 22, 2011. Burlington, MA.
Arisia 2011. Boston, MA.
Arisia 2010. Cambridge, MA.
4-Pi Con 2009. Pioneer Valley, MA.
Arisia 2009. Boston, MA.
3-Pi Con 2008. West Springfield, MA.
Readercon 19, 2008. Burlington, MA.
World Fantasy 2007. Saratoga Springs, NY.
Readercon 18, 2007. Burlington, MA.
Boskone 43, 2006. Boston, MA.
Readercon 17, 2006. Burlington, MA.
World Horror 2005. New York, NY.
Camp Necon 2005. Bristol, RI.
WorldCon (Interaction) 2005. Glasgow, Scotland. Membership only.
WorldCon (Noreascon 4) 2004. Boston, MA.
Awards and Recognition
"The Midwife's Progress." Nominee, 2009 Rhysling Poetry Award.
Unspeakable Horror, including my short story "Black Annis," won the 2008 Bram Stoker Award.
"Blood Memory." Honorable Mention, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror. #20
"The Sympathy of Five." Honorable Mention, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror #19.
"Over the River." Honorable Mention, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror #19.
"A Night at the Empire." 2nd Prize, World Horror 2005, Dark Fiction Contest.
"Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter." 2nd Prize, 3rd Quarter 2003, Writers of the Future.
Readercon 19 Closed Workshop, 2008. Burlington, MA. (with Jim Cambias)
Writers of the Future, 2004. Hollywood, CA.